On Wednesday 24th November, RJM will be holding its second webinar, targeting power and heat producers across Scandinavia. Entitled “Power to the Future!” it is aimed at plant managers who are now tasked with building carbon-free, low emissions resilience into their power and heat generation assets. As per RJM’s first webinar back in March 2021, it is teaming up with non-compete partners ECOMB and IGS in order to be able to present a wide range of case-study examples and a full suite of products and services that can support the transition to lower carbon generation.

As well as combined RJM / ECOMB and RJM / IGS presentations, there will be scene-setting introductions by three trade associations: Skogs-industrierna, Energi-företagen and Avfall Sverige covering off the pulp & paper and waste sectors.

To join this webinar, which starts at 10.00hrs GMT, please click here: https://event.on24.com/wcc/r/3474951/B210BE633C3BFFDFEE980332E9722D34