Dr. Gerry Riley of RJM International and Vince Barreto, of PowerPlus Cleaning Systems of the USA will jointly present a paper demonstrating the advantages of the IMPULSE® Cleaning system to PREWIN members at the Aston University Conference Centre, Birmingham on 6th June 2024.

The IMPULSE® system uses innovative shockwave technology to significantly reduce the build-up of fused ash deposits and enables plants to operate longer campaigns with reduced downtime.

The headline topic of this PREWIN conference is On-Line Cleaning and the joint RJM / PowerPlus paper is entitled, “The advantages of IMPULSE® shockwave cleaning technology on Waste to Energy boiler applications”.

Over 350 IMPULSE® Cleaning units have now been successfully installed by PowerPlus at a mix of power plants across the USA including CFB units firing coal and petcoke, Waste to Energy plants firing Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and Refuse-Derived Waste (RDF), as well as other plants firing various biomass fuels.

Most recently, RJM has acquired from PowerPlus Cleaning the exclusive rights to sell the IMPULSE® technology in Europe and is currently installing an 11 unit IMPULSE® system at an Outotec plant firing waste wood in the UK and a two unit IMPULSE®system at a rotary kiln unit firing hazardous waste in  Sweden.

Confirming the effectiveness of the IMPULSE® technology a USA-based customer commented, “The results were dramatic. The plant personnel had never seen the boiler looking so clean after a year of operation. The IMPULSE® system has maximised production and allowed us to operate both boilers for the entire nine month processing season, without the need for a forced outage.” Jeff Kava, Western Sugar.

For more information on IMPULSE® Cleaning technology: https://rjm-international.com/solutions/impulse-cleaning-system/

For more information on PowerPlus Cleaning: https://www.powerpluscs.com/

For more information on PREWIN: https://www.prewin.eu/

Founded in 2000, the PREWIN European network is an association of over 160 businesses operating in the W2E sector. It includes waste treatment plant operators, equipment suppliers, maintenance companies and consultancies. It holds regular meetings to support progress towards improved performance and reliability of European Waste-to-Energy plants (incineration and co-incineration) while maintaining low or reduced emissions to the environment.