RJM presents paper at Power-Gen Europe


In recognition of its pioneering NOx reduction work with its own range of new Ultra-Low NOx burners, RJM was invited to present a paper entitled, “Results from the study of Low-NOx Combustion at SSE Ferrybridge Power Plant”.

John Goldring, RJM’s Managing Director, presented the paper which was created in conjunction with the team at SSE Ferrybridge, led by Site Engineer, Guy Sharp.

“I am delighted to have been given the opportunity to share with colleagues in the industry the very impressive NOx reduction and effiiciency improvement results that we have achieved at Ferrybridge.

“What this means in practice is that plant operators now have some additional tools in their armoury before having to consider costly investment in SCR or SNCR equipment,” he added.

For more information on RJM’s innovative work at Ferrybridge, please Contact us.