Dr. Gerry Riley, Head of Business Development at RJM will present a paper at the UK’s first Bio-Dust Conference being hosted by the University of Greenwich’s Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology on Tuesday 11th June.

The Conference is being held at the University of Greenwich’s Medway Campus at Chatham Maritime in Kent and will bring together UK industry leaders that handle, manage and regulate bio-dust, to share best practice and lessons learned.

“Learning from the past – dust-related incidents on power plants” is the title of Gerry’s presentation, co-authored by Anjali Mohindra of RJM and Alf Malmgren of BioC Limited.

It will focus on how the safe handling and storage of biomass fuels in thermal power stations is absolutely critical and is based on a report currently being updated by RJM and BioC Limited on behalf of the Energy Institute to ensure best practice reflects the latest findings from industry.

With generators increasingly widening their fuel diet to transition to lower carbon generation by including new zero carbon fuels such as biomass, the Bio-Dust Conference will be an opportunity for industry leaders in the UK to discuss the challenges they face and debate solutions for the future, with an aspiration to make the industry safer.

As the UK’s single-largest generator of renewable electricity using biomass, the Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology has collaborated with Drax to create this first opportunity for organisations, academics and professionals in the industry to come together.

The Conference agenda also includes panel sessions to give industry professionals a platform to host discussions on optimum design and equipment selection.

For more information on the event, click here: Constable & Smith :: Programme (constableandsmith.com)

For more information on BioC Limited, click here: www.bioc-ltd.com

IMAGE CAPTION: Biomass fuel on fire in the Bunker House. Tilbury Power Station, February 2012