Lance Morris, Head of Projects for RJM International in Asia-Pacific will be presenting a technical paper entitled, “Helping power plants in the Philippines integrate new technologies to transition to sustainable operations” at this year’s Philippine Coal Plant User Group (PCPUG), the 25th Technical Forum.

Despite that fact that no new coal plants are being built in the Philippines, coal still accounts for over 45% of power generation and the government has set out ambitious plans to “develop and utilize clean energy systems and technologies” to decarbonise the power generation sector.

With its strong track record in improving the operational performance of all types of thermal plants, no matter what the fuel, the combustion technology or the size of the plant, RJM is ideally placed to support Philippine generators as they embark on their emissions reduction programmes.

Of particular interest will be RJM’s proven experience in introducing co-firing coal with biomass, which enables carbon emissions to be cut significantly.

RJM has solid experience of working across South-East Asia, in Hong Kong, mainland China, Vietnam and Malaysia, so is well-placed to carry out work in the Philippines.

In addition, RJM has recently opened a new office in Kuala Lumpur to manage the growing number of new projects it has won in the region.

The PCPUG event is taking place on 5th and 6th October at the Widus Hotel and Casino, Clark, Pampanga, the Philippines.

Lance Morris will be giving his presentation at 8.30am on Friday 6th October 2023.

PCPUG Programme Oct. 2023-compressed