RJM International announces today that its US operation, RJM Corporation (USA) Inc., has appointed four representative businesses to introduce RJM’s portfolio of products and services to the US market.

Hawkins Hamilton, covering Virginia and North Carolina, will target the pulp and paper industry and educational institutions; JWM & Affiliates will target the pulp and paper industry and biomass plants across California, Oregon, Washington and Utah; and Westmoreland Associates will target the pulp and paper industry, utility-scale generators, and cement works in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. Hayes Hesler will identify sales opportunities amongst utility generators in Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri and Illinois.

Commenting on these tie-ups, Christian Neal, Manager of Business Development for RJM in the USA said, “All industrial users of energy are having to meet tighter emissions thresholds and deliver operational improvements to improve flexibility and reliability all while increasing their fuel versatility. That creates a unique space for a provider of specialty combustion solutions like RJM.”

“At the same time, we’re seeing that increased fuel costs are creating new demand for improvements in efficiency and fuel diversification to deliver more MWe / MWth per $ of fuel,” he added.

An RJM burner replacement program on an old firing system, with a new fuel train and improved control systems can not only deliver a significant uplift in performance but also reduce emissions. Typically, a plant with 50ppm+ NOx emissions can be reduced to <15ppm NOx following an RJM burner replacement program.

For the tightest emissions environment, e.g. in California, additional, secondary measures such as an SCR (Selective Catalytic Reaction) system, can ensure NOx is brought down to the state limit of 2ppm.

Over the past 20 years, RJM has developed new methodologies to identify and resolve sub-optimal plant performance across every parameter and has designed a suite of products – from single components right up to full burner assemblies – that address them and return the plants to best-in-class performance.

For example, across Beijing, RJM has installed 35 of its CleanAir Burner™ gas burners that are helping to significantly reduce air pollution in the capital.

“There is real demand across the USA for upgraded firing systems that are more efficient with reduced emissions, and I am delighted to bring RJM’s products and expertise to market through our new representative network.

“Today we are announcing the appointment of Hawkins Hamilton, JWM & Affiliates, Westmoreland Associates and Hayes Hesler. Additional appointments will follow to give us full coast-to-coast coverage.

“I am excited that RJM can draw upon each representative’s technical expertise and local knowledge, and I look forward to a successful collaborative relationship with all of them,” he confirmed.


For further information, please contact:

Christian Neal
Manager of Business Development, RJM Corporation (USA) Inc.
T + 1 (214) 207 9252 E [email protected]

Christopher Biggs
Head of Global Marketing, RJM International
T + 44 (0)7796 171091 E [email protected]