RJM Newsletter Sept. 2023 FINAL

RJM International, the award-winning provider of innovative technologies, products and services to the power generation sector, announces today that thanks to its proven track record in delivering significant combustion improvements and emissions reductions to power stations worldwide, it is currently applying its expertise at 13 biomass and Energy from Waste sites across the UK and in Europe, equivalent to 189MW of green energy.
These sites fire a range of fuels, including waste wood, MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) and hazardous wastes. They utilise various combustion technologies, including moving grates, bubbling fluidised beds and rotary kilns.
Common to many of these sites are operational problems, such as excessive slagging and fouling, which limit MWe or MWth output, reduce the length of generation campaigns, increase the duration of planned and unplanned outages and can lead to emissions that breach regulated limits.Some of these problems can be successfully tackled by plant operators, but many of them are inter-linked, meaning that a single-issue fix can have adverse consequences elsewhere in the plant.
This is when plant owners and operators need specialist, external support. By taking a “whole plant” approach, RJM is able to devise and deliver performance improvement programmes that enable plants to operate more reliably and efficiently – as cost-effectively as possible.
Commenting on RJM’s success in the biomass and Energy from Waste sector, John Goldring, Managing Director, said, “What we’re finding is that plants really value our detailed, analytical approach.
“At the outset, we typically carry out a very detailed review of all aspects of a plant’s operations and this gives us a unique insight into how the plant is actually running.
“Where required, we will also carry out additional, sophisticated simulation to give us further insights and to enable us to develop a set of solutions that will resolve critical plant issues.
“Having worked out what needs to be done, we will then provide and implement those solutions, backed up by appropriate guarantees. This differentiates us from other consultants,” he said.

Some examples of RJM’s current project successes include:
• New Flue Gas Recirculation systems to reduce peak flame temperatures in the gasifier, reducing the formation of slagging at Evero’s Energy Works Hull site and at its Ince Bio Power site. Both are bubbling fluidised bed gasifier units firing MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) and waste wood respectively.
• New materials handling systems including new fuel hoppers and screw feeder units at Energy Works Hull to improve fuel flow and thus flame consistency and reliability.
Technical Service Agreements are now in place for both Evero sites to ensure “rapid response” support from RJM and at Ince, a major new Engineering Project (Phase 1) has recently been announced that will deliver further performance improvements.
• Several NOx reduction projects at waste treatment plants where RJM has optimised and upgraded combustion and SNCR systems to help plants meet the new BREF emissions limits coming into force on 3rd December 2023.
• Laser scan site survey at a grate-fired unit to determine best location for installing the IMPULSE® Cleaning system that RJM has brought to European markets, which dramatically reduces the build-up of fouling material on convective surfaces and reduces the duration and frequency of planned outages.
• Materials Handling and Fuel Reviews.
Similar projects and studies are also being undertaken by RJM at other biomass, EfW and hazardous waste incineration units and RJM is already talking to other potential customers in the UK and Europe.

“Our work in this sector is certainly meeting the needs of owners and operators who are struggling to maintain reliable and cost-effective generation, especially when faced with fuels of variable quality that do not perform consistently.
“In addition, we are now finding that the new BREF limits imposing tighter NOx limits as well as restrictions on ammonia emissions to atmosphere is another driver for generators seeking our specialist support,” John Goldring confirmed.
RJM is also working on utility generator coal-to-biomass conversion projects in South-East Asia and a 230MW coal-to-gas conversion project for a utility generator in Nebraska, USA as well as various performance improvement projects at power stations in Europe.
For further information on RJM International, please contact:
Christopher Biggs, Head of Global Marketing, RJM International
T + 44 (0)1962 831250 M + 44 (0)7796 171091 E [email protected]