RJM will market the IMPULSE Cleaning System in the UK, Europe and Asia-Pacific, as the exclusive licensed distributor for PowerPlus Cleaning Systems Inc. of Missouri, USA

RJM International, the award-winning provider of innovative emissions reduction and combustion improvement technologies and equipment to the power generation and large combustion plant sectors worldwide, announces today that is now selling the highly successful IMPULSE Cleaning System in the UK, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

More than 290 IMPULSE Cleaning systems have now been successfully installed at power generation units across the USA. They are enabling these power plants to operate campaigns of longer duration, with higher efficiency rates and with reduced downtime between outages, by significantly reducing the build-up of fused ash deposits.

The IMPULSE boiler cleaning system is a development of the pulse detonation propulsion technology pioneered by GE at its Global Research Center. The cleaning technology is based around a supersonic shock wave that is created by the detonation of a mixture of fuel and air. IMPULSE cleaning technology delivers dramatic improvements in the online cleaning of boiler heat transfer surfaces, when compared to conventional cleaning systems.

The pulse waves also work effectively as a non-line-of-site cleaning system, removing deposits without erosive damage to heat transfer surfaces or refractory, unlike conventional cleaning methods. The IMPULSE system is also self-contained and has no need to tap into expensive plant steam.

The key advantages of the IMPULSE Cleaning System are as follows:

  • Effective and efficient on-line cleaning system
  • No erosion or damage to heat transfer surfaces
  • Low Opex and maintenance; innovative design avoids moving parts
  • Minimal intrusion into boiler means small installation footprint and low installation cost
  • Does not scavenge plant steam, therefore no reduction in exported power
  • Negligible recoil from proprietary detonation technology
  • Non line-of-site cleaning; better coverage than sootblowers
  • Significantly less expensive capital cost and lower operational costs than its competitors
  • Suitable for all boilers, all sizes, all combustion technologies and all fuels
  • Proven technology with over 290 installations in the USA

Commenting on the licensing agreement, Dr. Gerry Riley, Head of Business Development at RJM said, “As power generators widen their fuel diets, they are experiencing considerably increased levels of fouling.

“This is particularly so in the biomass and Energy from Waste segments of the market, where there is a wide variation in the consistency of the fuel – even within the same fuel classification.

“What this means in practice is that generators are not able to operate at full capacity as they are having to take long, unplanned outages to remove excessive deposits.

“With the IMPULSE cleaning system, ash build-ups can be managed to allow units to operate for longer, at higher loads and at higher efficiency levels.

“Major waste management companies such as Covanta and WIN Waste Innovations (formerly Wheelabrator Technologies) are already using the IMPULSE cleaning system to good effect in the USA, so we know that other operators of biomass and Energy from Waste plants in the UK and Europe will also stand to benefit.

“Having already presented the distinct advantages of the IMPULSE cleaning system, we now have several UK and Scandinavian customers lined up to install this technology to improve operational performance,” he confirmed.


For further information, please contact:

Christopher Biggs, Head of Global Marketing, RJM International

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