RJM International, the Winchester–based provider of emissions reduction solutions and equipment to the power generation and large combustion plant sectors, announces today that it has secured a major contract to replace all 48 burners on Unit 4 at SSE’s Ferrybridge C power generation plant in West Yorkshire, in the North of England.

This multi-million pound contract to install 48 of RJM’s proprietary Ultra-Low NOx Burners, together with modifications to the Over-Fire Air system, is scheduled to take place during the planned outage in the summer of 2014 over a four month period, with the 500MWe unit returning to full generation capability once testing is completed in October 2014.

This is the second major contract win for RJM at Ferrybridge and builds on the pioneering work completed by RJM on Unit 3 in 2010 – 2011 when it was called in to identify what was causing a number of challenging combustion issues, including long flames, very high levels of CO and excessive build-up of slag in the furnace. Starting with a detailed site survey and then building three separate CFD models (single burner; full furnace and full furnace plus superheater and reheater model), RJM was able to identify what was actually taking place during combustion and consequently was able to make a number of recommendations to address them.

So impressed were the plant operators with RJM’s approach and detailed findings, they ordered a full refit for 48 RJM Ultra-Low NOx Burners to be installed on Unit 3, with some supplementary work to be carried out by RJM on the existing BOFA ports.

“The Unit 3 project was completed in October 2011 and has been running reliably since that date,” said John Goldring, Managing Director of RJM. “Having been working closely with the plant operators at Ferrybridge for over three years now, we were also aware of the challenges they have been facing with Unit 4, in particular the additional work that they would need to carry out to meet the new 2016 Round 3 NOx limit of 200 mg/Nm³,” he added.

“Unit 4 is similar to Unit 3, so we are confident that once we have installed the 48 new Ultra-Low NOx RJM Burners on Unit 4, it will not only exceed performance expectations but that it will also provide increased operational flexibility over current performance,” confirmed John Goldring.