Following on from the successful completion of a Combustion Audit, RJM has now been commissioned by plant owner Malakoff, to build on the findings of that audit and carry out a full Combustion Tuning Project to improve combustion performance. The 1,000MW plant, commissioned in 2016, is a T-fired GE/Alstom ultra-supercritical unit, firing sub-bituminous coal.

This is an excellent opportunity for RJM and highlights the confidence that Malakoff has in RJM’s capabilities to resolve complex combustion issues and improve plant performance, especially when fuel diets are widening, and emissions regulations are continuing to tighten up.

Commeninting on the project win, John Goldirng, RJM ‘s Managing Director said, “We are delighted to be working with Malakoff on this project and very much value this new opportunity to support them in improving plant performance.”