RJM International, the award-winning provider of innovative emissions reduction technology and equipment to the power generation and large combustion plant sectors worldwide, announces today that in time for the 2018/2019 winter heating season, four of RJM’s new ultra-low NOx CleanAir Burners™ have just been installed and commissioned at a district heating plant in the Pinggu region of Beijing.

These new gas-fired units each deliver 100 tonnes of hot water per hour and replace coal-fired units that were major contributors to air pollution in the city. RJM has now supplied 33 of these units, with near-to-zero NOx emissions of 15ppm, across eight district heating plants throughout the capital.

Commenting on this latest district heating plant project, Matthew Shields, RJM’s Head of Business Development & Operations for Asia-Pacific said, “The Chinese authorities and district heating plant operators have recognised that RJM’s CleanAir Burners™ are ideally suited to helping reduce the chronic levels of air pollution in the city.

“They can be sized at anything from 40 to over 100 tonnes of hot water per hour and thanks to RJM’s innovative burner design, the ultra-low NOx emissions remain constant, at or below 15ppm, no matter what output level the plant is running at. This falls well within the threshold stipulated by China’s new Clean Air Act, one of the country’s main strategies for tackling air pollution.

“As our burners are easy to install and commission, and equally suited to new schemes and retro-fit applications, we’re now attracting interest from district heating plant operators in other cities across China,” he added.

RJM’s local partner, HKL Global, is responsible for the installation of all the CleanAir Burner™ projects and also manages the commissioning process to ensure that the new equipment meets all guarantees.